San Diego Music Lessons

San Diego Acoustic Music Academy is a music learning center serving the city of San Diego, California. Our school offers music lessons in a variety of acoustic instruments, including the cello, violin, banjo, and guitar. Our lessons are affordable and we welcome students of all ages and skill levels.

Why Choose Us?

We have more than twenty years of experience in providing fun and effective acoustic music lessons. Since our founding in 1994, we have expanded significantly and accumulated a staff of several talented and experienced music teachers in order to offer lessons in multiple acoustic instruments. All of our teachers have a passion for the music they teach and a drive to inspire that passion in their students. Our teachers are dedicated to their students’ success in their instrument of choice and have extensive experience in teaching students of all ages, from young children to adults, and all levels, from beginner to advanced. In order to guarantee our valued customers’ success as well as help develop their passion and appreciation for their instrument and acoustic music as a whole, we use unique and gentle teaching techniques that are designed to help students improve and make continuous progress without feeling stressed, pressured, or frustrated during the learning process.

Instrument Rental

We understand that purchasing certain acoustic instruments can be extremely expensive, especially for students who are just starting out and are not yet sure if they’re going to enjoy playing the instrument. However, practicing at home is a vital part of successfully learning any instrument. To ensure that everyone can experience the joy of learning to play an acoustic instrument as well as make real progress in learning, we keep a selection of the instruments for which we offer lessons in our studio at all times and offer them as rentals to our students for at-home practice. We apologize for the inconvenience, but our instrument rentals are only available to students who are currently enrolled in one or more of our music lessons.  As an alternative, you can also rent instruments here.

Guitar Lessons

Learning GuitarGuitars are a very common instrument to learn and it does not take long for students to learn to master many popular songs using only a few chords. Electric guitars are a popular type of guitar, but we offer lessons for acoustic guitars only. Acoustic guitars are an excellent instrument for singers to learn, as they are the perfect background instrument to serve as an accompaniment to a vocal performance. Furthermore, because they are light and easily transportable, guitars can be taken anywhere, making live performances at parties or public places very simple. Guitars can produce all types of music, from country to rock to classical. This wide range of music styles makes the guitar an extremely versatile instrument that is great for anyone to learn. However, there are different types of guitars, such as steel-stringed versus nylon-stringed. Different styles of music sound more pleasing on certain types of guitars. Therefore, please consult with our guitar teacher or a representative from San Diego Acoustic Academy regarding which type of music you want to learn to play before investing in a guitar so we can advise you on which type of guitar to purchase. We expect our guitar students to commit to thirty to forty-five minutes of practice per day and can utilize online guitar lessons in order to ensure continuous progress.  Supplemental video guitar lessons can be found in many places online including on many Facebook pages.  Ask your instructor for more information.

Cello Lessons

Instructor Playing CelloThe cello is a long bowed string instrument which produces a beautiful sound but can be extremely difficult to learn to play well, especially for students who do not have extensive experience with other acoustic string instruments or are beginners in the music world as a whole. Our cello lessons are designed to shorten the traditionally lengthy learning curve of cello playing in order to help our students learn to master this instrument (or at least master more advanced songs) in a shorter period of time.
Extensive practice as well as an abundance of exposure to cello music is vital to the learning process. Therefore, our expectations for our cello students include one and a half hours of practice per day as well as frequent visits to cello concerts in order to hear live cello music and observe the playing techniques of advanced performers. If our students are unable to attend live concerts, we ask that they spend time watching online videos of live cello performances as often as possible to achieve the same benefits of attending a live concert.

Violin Lessons

Violin RecitalA violin is a unique string instrument played with a horsehair bow. Violins produce a beautiful, high-pitched sound that can be played individually but is also an excellent complement to other instruments within a group orchestra. Before renting or buying a violin or investing in violin lessons, it is important to note that the violin is an instrument that requires regular maintenance in order to maintain a clear sound during practice and performances. This maintenance is generally fairly simple and can be performed by the player of the violin, but it does take some practice to master. Our expectations of our violin students include one hour of practice per day.

Banjo Lessons

banjo studentThe banjo is a traditional acoustic stringed instrument which is most commonly used to play folk or bluegrass music but can be used to play a wide variety of music styles. Banjos are unique and whimsical instruments which can be extremely fun and rewarding to play. However, many people fear learning to play the banjo because it is commonly renowned as a very difficult and frustrating instrument to master. At San Diego Acoustic Music Academy, we offer a unique method of teaching banjo lessons to our beginner students that focuses on providing them with a strong base of rhythm and technique skills before attempting to master banjo solos. We expect our banjo students to practice their rhythm exercises for at least twenty to thirty minutes per day in order to master them and continue to advance in the program.

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